Beyond the Shadow

Beyond the Shadow is a terrifying journey into a world where reality and what lay beyond is blurred.

Carl Alves

Carl is the author of five published novels which span the horror, fantasy, and science fiction genres in no particular order.

Published Books

Happy Readers


A novel for fans (adult and teen) of Stranger Things on TV, Carl Alves’ The Invocation offers a terrifying view of what might happen when a Ouija board is used by a group of fourth grade students.

– amazon review of the invocation



I found this very entertaining and a new look at this type of story. It was refreshing to actually touch on this subject with both humor and humility as well as the typical soul battle of good vs evil.

– amazon review of battle of the soul


I think the description given by this author hits the nail right on the head and fits the book perfectly: “True Blood meets The Sopranos”.


  – amazon review of blood street:a vampire thriller


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Movie Review: Wonder Woman 84

Wonder Woman 84 wasn’t a terrible movie, but it certainly wasn’t a good movie.  To me the question I can’t figure out is who greenlit this movie.  After coming off a tremendously successful movie and one of the best in the DC franchise, they settled on a plot of a guy...

Fifth Ward: Good Company by Dale Lucas

Each novel in this series by Dale Lucas is wonderfully written, shows great imagination, and stands alone.  Raise your hand if you can say that about other fantasy series.  Missing are dragons and the fate of the world in the balance.  Not there is anything wrong with...

Fifth Ward: Friendly Fire by Dale Lucas

I thoroughly enjoyed the first novel in this trilogy.  Despite the high bar, Friendly Fire, did not disappoint.  Much like the first novel, the world building and characters are superb.  That’s not to  short change the overall quality of the writing and the dialogue,...

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