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10 Questions with Rena Mason

1.  Who has been your biggest influence as a writer?


Everyone I’ve ever read, but “biggest” I’d have to say Poe. I’ve always loved his whole rhythm and style, plus an awesome spooky story. Can’t beat that.

2.  Where did you come up with the concept behind The Evolutionist?

the fourth kind

A couple things got me thinking: 1) Experiences in my own life and 2) What ifs while watching the movie THE FOURTH KIND right before a NaNoWriMo.

3.  If you could pick an actress to play Stacy Troy in a movie adaptation of The Evolutionist, who would you choose?

Any female actress who can do drama well. I don’t have any favorites, or envisioned anyone in particular when I wrote the story.

4.  What current writing projects are you working on?

I’m writing a short story for a local Las Vegas anthology, rewriting a novel, and co-writing something secret.

5.  What type of scenes do you most enjoy writing?

The ones that are more on the surrealistic side.

6.  What made you start writing?

Reading several boring books while on vacation. I wanted so badly to mix them up for some excitement, then started writing stories that I feel do that.

7.  What made you want to start writing horror?

I’ve always been a fan of horror, and everything I tried to write just went dark one way or another.

8.  Is there any subject that is off limits for you as a writer?

There are a few, but I’d rather not say.

9.  What is your best quality as a writer?

Ha! I have no idea. I’m totally inconsistent. Maybe that I think my ideas through and through before I ever type a word. If a story works itself out in my head and makes sense, then I’ll write it. I’d rather not waste my time starting works and not finishing them.

10.  If you could invite five people to a dinner party (alive or dead, real or fictional) who would you invite?

No one. I prefer to be alone. Especially when dining.