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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Last Call to Become a Character in Blood Street

This is the last call to enter my contest to become a character in my novel Blood Street.   All you have to do is sign up for my newsletter on my website at  The deadline is March 20th.

Top 15 Fantasy and Horror Novels: #9 Shadowland by Peter Straub

Shadowland was one of the first horror books I read growing up (I think I may have been twelve at the time that I read it).  Along with some of the early works of Stephen King, it was one of the big reasons I became addicted to the genre and later became a writer.  Shadowland Read More…

Book Review: Carnival of Fear by JG Faherty

The concept behind Carnival of Fear is cool and innovative.  A mysterious horror carnival arrives in an upstate New York town.  Naturally the high school kids in town feel the need to check it out.  Little do they know that all of their worst horrors are there to greet them.  The cast of characters are Read More…