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Monthly Archives: May 2013

1st Stop of my Blood Street blog tour

On the first stop of my Blood Street blog tour is a review of my novel Blood Street in Dark Eva’s Dark Delights at Dark Eva.

Brave Men Run by Matthew Wayne Selznick

Set in 1985, the story starts off with a declaration by Dr. Donner that there is a new race of super-powered beings that are coming out of the shadows and into society.  Naturally, the government hasn’t reacted with open arms to the super-beings.  Meanwhile, high school student Nate Charters is dealing with his own developing Read More…

Born to Darkness by Suzanne Brockmann

When I saw the jacket cover to Born to Darkness and saw that it was a futuristic novel featuring “greater thans” that can use a greater portion of their mind, which in essence gives them super powers, I thought well that’s a cool idea.  Unfortunately, that was the only redeemable aspect of this novel.  In Read More…

Movie Review: Iron Man 3

I set my expectations high for Iron Man 3 based on the quality of the previous two movies, and this one came up woefully short.  I don’t want to say this movie was a complete bomb, but it was the worst Marvel movie since the Ang Lee directed Incredible Hulk, which was a disaster.  Without Read More…