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All Time Greatest Television Series: #8 V

V original series

I was still a young child when the original V series came out, so that may have impacted my opinion on the show, but I was completely mesmerized by the first two miniseries and then the series that followed.  The concept was so cool for the time, and it produced many memorable moments.  I have always been fascinated by aliens, and the way they presented them in the show was very different than anything else I had seen at the time.  These aliens looked exactly like regular people, except that underneath their skin they were these lizard-like creatures.  What it lacked in visual effects and high tech imagery, it made up in character, certainly in comparison to the reboot, which had far more impressive visual effects and technological advancement to make it more appealing at a sensory level.  What the latter series lacked were strong actors and fascinating story lines, which is probably why the reboot didn’t make it past two seasons.


When I saw the commercials advertising the original series, my reaction was that I have to see this at all costs.  Those advertisements were amazingly effective.  The other thing that struck me was a couple of the holy s!@t moments that the show produced, namely the first time the aliens were revealed as lizards underneath their human flesh, and when Robin delivered the alien baby.  I can only imagine that if they had Twitter back then, it would have exploded with tweets.