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Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

There were some things that I liked about Anna Dressed in Blood.  It had an interesting concept and a well-developed plot.  The characters were better than most young adult novels that I have read, which often suffer from poor characterization.  But it also had some serious pitfalls which took away from my enjoyment of this novel.  The first is the use of first person, present tense point of view.  It’s the dumbest possible way to tell a story, and it is illogical since stories are things that have happened.  Otherwise, it’s like you’re giving a running commentary of events and actions as they happen.  Unfortunately, it’s all the rage these days, and I’m hoping like most fads, it dies away.


The other thing that aggravated me was the same issue that plagues most young adult novels that I read, and that is having characters acting in ways and doing things that are unrealistic, all because of the need to have young characters as the leads in the story.  What they do and how they act often doesn’t jive with reality, and this book is no different.


For the most part, this novel was entertaining.  It wasn’t dull and didn’t go through any slow spots.  In the end, I thought it was just okay but it could have been more.