This is Carl's Brain
At the Gates by Tim Marquitz

In this third installment in the Demon Squad series, Frank Trigg is once again trying to prevent the apocalypse from happening.  It seems like he always has to prevent the world from ending.  In this case, it is because heaven has fallen from a coup led by the Arch Angel Gabriel, and now various groups are fighting for supremacy in the heavens.  They don’t seem particularly concerned that they might destroy humanity in the process.  Fortunately, Frank and his allies have a fondness for people and don’t want to see all of them die.


The novel is compact without a whole lot of wasted space.  It moves at a quick pace and never has a point where it slows down.  Frank is a well developed character who is a bit rough around the edges but still has a good heart.  One thing I didn’t quite get was that it was established that he had newly acquired magical abilities, but he never seems to use them.  I thought that was something that could have been more developed.  I liked that there were a great many biblical references, but they weren’t depicted the same way that these biblical characters and references are traditionally depicted.  It created an interesting juxtaposition.  The ending of the novel was explosive, and just like the last novel, it sets up well for a sequel, where Frank will undoubtedly go through more harrowing events, take a beating, and keep on pushing through the pain to accomplish his goals.