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Blind Panic by Graham Masterton

Blind Panic

Blind Panic starts with a killer premise.  All at once, people around the United States, including the president, are mysteriously struck blind.  Chaos ensues as planes across the country begin falling from the sky and massive car crashes result from blind drivers and pilots.  This is all the result of Misquamacus, an ancient Alogonquin medicine man who has come back from the dead to wreak vengeance for his people.  His aim is to reclaim the land that was once theirs  and destroy the way of life of modern day Americans.  Standing against Misquamacus are Harry Erskine, a fake psychic, and a handful of others including his friend, Amelia Crusoe, who actually has psychic abilities.


Right from the beginning, I was immediately hooked into the novel.  I thought the premise, which was reminiscent of the novel and television show Flash Forward, was a great one.  It was hard not to want to learn how things would turn out.  I have never read any of the novels preceding this one with these same characters, but I still found it easy to follow because the backstory was well-explained.  There was great tension as the story followed the central characters in a world that has quickly descended into madness.   One thing I would have liked to see was how the rest of the world reacted to the events in the novel, since it only occurred in the United States.  I think that would have been interesting.  Also, I found it a little unbelievable that all of the viewpoint characters all converged in the same California town at the same time.  That was a bit much to swallow unless there was some sort of mystical force guiding them there, which wasn’t present in the novel.  The ending was satisfying, and the novel overall was very enjoyable, one that I recommend to readers of fantasy and horror.