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Blood Born by Matthew Warner

blood born

In Blood Born there are a series of rapes that are plaguing Virginia and the DC area.  These are no ordinary rape cases, and when the victims become pregnant with a gestational period of one week, it is clear that the rapes aren’t being committed by human perps.  Detective Christina Randall is investigating the case.  The mom of one of the victims, Margaret Connolly, is a doctor at CalPark Fertility Clinic.  Randall’s investigation leads to this same clinic where a missing person had recently been seen.  While she suspects that something is awry at the clinic, all hell breaks loose with an onslaught of women being raped, and people getting killed and eaten by these bigfoot type creatures.  Soon Homeland Security and the National Guard are battling it out with these creatures while Randall tries to solve the mystery of how this all started.

Blood Born is violent and visceral, definitely not for the faint of heart.  There are some vicious rape scenes that may turn off some readers.  The book also has an intriguing and well developed plot.  It’s part mystery, part thriller, part monster horror novel.  The novel moves at a good pace.  The bigfoot style monster that Warner uses is well-developed and interesting.  There are some plot holes such as the very delayed involvement of the CDC or WHO when these bizarre pregnancies starting happening, as well as the lack of federal law enforcement until late in the novel.  Otherwise this was an entertaining read that I would recommend.