This is Carl's Brain
Fallen Masters by John Edward

Fallen Masters was a bit of a mixed bag.  There were some aspects I liked about it, and some that really didn’t work for me at all.  The basic premise of the story is that the forces of evil are trying to destroy the universe, and a select group of people who have the souls of certain individuals who have died most oppose them.  I liked the concept of the story, but the execution was really weak at times.


The positives were that I thought for the most part the characters were well done.  They were plausible and well developed, although there was a fair bit of repetition since most of the main characters on the good side had lost a spouse.  Now to the problem areas.  The whole dead people are positive or negative energies just didn’t work for me.  It was fairly incoherent and not well explained.  At times, the writing was so over the top flowery that I could barely read it at times.  It wasn’t plausible based on the rules of the story that the forces of good could even prevail given that they had all of these rules like they couldn’t directly interfere with people but could only guide them, yet the forces of bad could do whatever they wanted.  It would be like fighting someone with both hands tied behind your back.  The ending of the story made no sense to me at all, and by the end I got so tired of the story that I just wanted to be done with it.  All in all, there was just too much here that I didn’t like for the story to be enjoyable and I would not recommend it.