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Game of Thrones: The Bells

For those who left unsatisfied with “The Long Night”, who were hoping that the Whitewalkers would create untold carnage that would result in the death of many of the bigger characters on Game of Thrones, then “The Bells” should have satisfied their thirst for destruction.  King’s Landing was quite literally burnt to the ground, and Daenerys finally turned into the Mad Queen that many, myself included, predicted she would become.


Jamie and Cersei Lannister


Jamie, not the brightest Lannister, was caught trying to get into King’s Landing to see Cersei because he didn’t conceal his golden hand.  Probably would have been a good idea to put that thing away.  Anyway, Tyrion set him free, probably signing his own death warrant, so he could have one last reunion with Cersei, but not until he had a satisfying life and death struggle against Euron Greyjoy.  I had predicted that Jamie would have killed Cersei, but obviously that prediction couldn’t have been more further off base.  I always thought Cersei would have been killed in a one on one confrontation, but instead she and her brother/lover met their doom when the Red Keep crumbled into rubble.


The Battle of the Cleganes


Without a doubt, my favorite part of this episode was the battle between the brothers Clegane.  I have been waiting for this fight since season 1.  It finally came to pass and it was satisfying.  As far as Game of Thrones fights go, this is second only to The Mountain against The Red Viper (Oberyn Martel) fighting for Tyrion’s freedom.  We finally got to see what The Mountain looked like in full Frankenstein mode when his brother took off his helmet.  The fight took place amid the collapse of the Red Keep, but none of that mattered to the two combatants.  The Hound chopped the holy hell out of his brother and even put a dagger through his eye and the back of his skull, but it did absolutely no damage.  The ending was fitting as the Clegane brothers plunged to their death off of the tower into the fiery abyss below.


Daenerys Targaryan


If you didn’t already realize that Daenerys was going to go evil coming into this episode, then the opening montage with different characters’ voices giving clues to it should have convinced you.  And if that didn’t convince you, then her burning Varys alive certainly should have.  I don’t fault her for killing him (although all he was doing was spreading the truth), but she could have just had beheaded him instead of burning him alive by her dragon.  When they showed her on her dragon and she had that unhinged look about her, I knew things were going to go badly.  Then, with the battle won, there was absolutely no reason to burn down King’s Landing and all of its inhabitants.  Tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands, died for no reason.  She was being evil for the sake of being evil.  She is now truly the Mad Queen, her father’s daughter.


With one episode left, I think Jon Snow has seen all that he needs to see.  I think he will kill Daenerys and become the King.  The ending of the episode focused on Arya Stark, who looked like total hell in her ordeal in King’s Landing, which would make it look like she who will take out Dany, but I don’t think it will be her, especially considering she was the one who took out the Night King, while Jon Snow was sidelined.  I think Arya will get killed in the assassination attempt, and Jon will take down his aunt/lover.