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Game of Thrones “The Iron Throne”

The end of my all time favorite show is finally here in The Iron Throne.  Last week’s episode, The Bells, was much maligned, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The Daenerys Mad Queen turn was bashed, but I’ve seen it coming for a few seasons now, and I predicted that she would turn evil—albeit not quite this evil.  I thought the first 45 minutes or so of this episode were excellent.  John turning on Daenerys and killing her along with the scene with Drogon was top notch.  My problem was the extra half hour or so following that climactic scene.  I thought they should have either ended it with that scene or at most, include the scene where Bran is made king.  Much of the last half hour was anticlimactic, and for dramatic effect, should have been cut


Tyrion Lannister


A dazed Tyrion started off walking through the ashes of King’s Landing after Daenerys burnt down the place.  He had an emotional scene when he saw his siblings crushed to death beneath the rubble of the Red Keep.  He started off as the Hand of the King after quitting as the Hand of the Queen.  I think whenever there’s an opening for the job, they turn to Tyrion—this is his third go around as the Hand—even though his advice to Dany was generally very bad, especially when it involved military matters.  Still, he has a good heart, and he made an impassioned plea for the selection of the new king.  Or maybe he was just lobbying for a new job.


Daenerys Targaryan


Daenerys so wanted to break the wheel, but instead she wound up becoming the tyrant that she so abhorred.  She was blinded by her own sense of righteousness—a common trait for megolmaniac leaders who think they know better than anyone else.  In the end, she took a dagger to her belly from her lover/nephew.


Jon Snow


The acting performance from Kit Harrington was exceptional in this finale.  You can see him ooze with the agony over the decision that he had to make.  As much as he cared about Dany—not enough to commit incest—he knew he had to do the right thing and put her down like a rabid dog.  His sentence at the end of the show—serving the rest of his life as a member of the Night’s Watch—seems to be a bit of a sham.  Why would there even be a need for a Night’s Watch anymore?  There are no more Whitewalkers, and the Wildlings are now our friends.  His last scene had him leading the Wildlings north of the wall, where he will probably live out the rest of his days.


Bran the Broken


Bran becoming the king at the end of the show was not much of a surprise.  I believe he had the best odds of any of the characters before the season started, and when Tyrion started his pitch, I figured it would Bran that he would nominate.  He might lack anything that resembles charisma, but he has a complete knowledge of the history of Westeros and will undoubtedly make wise decisions.  Even though Sam’s suggestion of an election got mocked, at least they will have a better system than inheritance through birthright.


So this is the end.  It was a fun journey.  The show wasn’t perfect, but for my money, this was the best show in television history.  It was rich with memorable characters—my favorite being Tormund.  It had great twists and turns.  I knew this wasn’t going to be your typical show the moment Ned Stark got beheaded.  Not having read the books back then, I was stunned by that.  It had awesome moments like the Red Wedding, the fight between the Mountain and Oberyn, Hardhome, the Battle of the Bastards.  It had dialogue that resonated.  It featured terrific actors, set design, battle scenes.  So, for all the whiners out there, find me a better show.