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Heart of Evil by Heather Graham

Heart of Evil

Set in modern times, Heart of Evil is a paranormal murder mystery that stretches back to the Civil War.  Set at Donegal Plantation, Ashley Donegal is trying to make ends meet and keep the plantation alive by converting it to a bed and breakfast and having an annual Civil War reenactment.  During the reenactment, the actor playing the role of her ancestor Marshall Donegal is killed in a gruesome manner.  A paranormal investigation team that includes her old flame, Jake Mallory, is brought in to investigate.  Also helping to investigate are the ghosts of Marshall Donegal and his wife.  The murder turns out to be a series of murders all centering around what happened over 150 years earlier.


I liked how this novel incorporated historical events, both with the Civil War reenactment, and how the events of the past tied in to the present day murders.  It was cleverly done with a supernatural component mixed into it.  As for the mystery aspect, the unveiling of the killer surprised me yet remained logical and well thought out. I was less impressed with the romance element between Ashley and Jake, which seemed generic and didn’t do too much to move me.  The Krewe of Hunters team was interesting, and I thought more could be done with this cast of characters.  All in all, this was a fun read that I would recommend.