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Limbus Inc. Volume 3 Edited by Brett J. Talley

Limbus Inc Volume 3

I jumped into Volume 3 of the Limbus, Inc. series without having read either of the first two books.  The book was well-crafted and well-explained so that I didn’t feel as if I was missing anything.  I thoroughly enjoyed the weaving of each of the stories along with the interludes where Detective Malone is following the journey in much the same way the reader is experiencing it while having his own story told.


Seanan McGuire’s story kicks off the shared world anthology in a strong way with a tale of a woman who is a genetically engineered and works for Limbus as an assassin, killing people who deserved to die.  Each of the stories added another layer onto this amorphous, all-encompassing and dangerous entity of Limbus.  I enjoyed it thoroughly up until the final story of the anthology, which I found to be a major let down.  That brought the book down from a five star, fantastic anthology, to a four star, still really good anthology.  My favorite story is probably a toss up between Seanan McGuire’s story and Keith DeCandido’s story about a woman with an extraordinary ability to talk people off the ledge so to speak, who travels through time influencing the lives of others and her own on behalf of Limbus, Inc.  This anthology both had a great concept and was well executed.