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Mercy House by Adam Cesare

Mercy House

The old folks are on the loose at Mercy House and they’re angry, menacing, and have transformed physically in a way where they are no longer frail and weak.  It’s never quite explained in the novel, which is something that is missing for my satisfaction, but the geezers at an old age home all at once transform.  They are no longer constrained by the physical challenges of old age, but beyond the physical transformation is a mental one.  The old folks go on a rampage, massacring the staff at Mercy House.  Caught in the crossfire is Nikki Laurel, who is there to admit her extremely unpleasant mother-in-law, Harriet, to Mercy House.  Nikki must rally the other survivors to try to make it out of Mercy House alive.


This is a very different kind of horror novel by Adam Cesare.  You tend not to get a lot of elderly characters in horror novels, and certainly not elderly antagonists.  These characters have become quite monstrous in this novel, but at the same time there is a certain level of underdog to the characters.  After all, it wasn’t too long before they were suffering in various ways—some physical, some emotional.  Of the old folks, Arnold Piper, an ex-Marine, is probably the one that has the most humanity to him and doesn’t become quite as depraved as the others.  The novel is well written and compelling.  I like that it’s not your typical horror story.  It’s gritty and intense and delivers at many different levels.  This is a novel to put on your to-read list for all horror fans.