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Movie Review: Bird Box


I watched the breakout Netflix movie without having read the novel by Josh Malerman.  There was a lot of hype surrounding the movie.  There was some good parts and bad parts in the movie.  Unfortunately, its long lasting impact will be the ridiculous and asinine Birdbox challenge which is a vehicle for the stupidest amongst us in society to prove just how stupid they are, but I digress.


As for the movie, it flashes back from present to the start of the apocalypse, where a very pregnant, Malorie Hayes, played by Sandra Bullock, takes shelter in a house as the rest of society has lost its collective mind and gone either suicidal or homicidal, depending upon their mental inclination.  It is not known why this is happening, nor is it ever fully explained in the movie.  The only thing that is clear is that if one looks at whatever it is that is causing people to go haywire, they will soon die or be gripped by madness.  So what is a person to do who is trying to survive the Birdbox apocalypse?  Wear a blindfold, of course.  That is what the survivors do when they venture out of their protective shelter.


There was some good tension in this movie.  It was an interesting scenario presented, but it wasn’t always executed well.  For one thing, the whole drive in the car to the grocery store while not being able to see a damn thing was both unrealistic and even a bit silly.  The way some of the characters acted was often foolish and annoying, but far and away the most irritating thing in the movie was that our protagonist names her two children (one biological and one not) Boy and Girl.  That was so utterly dumb and unrealistic that it affected my enjoyment of the movie.  There is some payoff at the end and an interesting twist.  My final verdict is that the movie was decent but did not quite live up to expectations.