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Movie Review: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel felt like a movie designed to wet audience’s appetites prior to the release of Avengers:End Game.  It was a good but not great movie that served its purposes.  Disney went to their game plan of plucking out lesser known characters and then making them a big deal to the masses, and based on the early success of Captain Marvel, the formula continues to work.


In this movie, Carol Danvers is a Kree warrior who has no knowledge of her past.  On a mission in their war against the Skrulls, who have the super cool superpower of being able to shapeshift and impersonate anybody that they see, Danvers conveniently finds herself on the planet Earth—convenient because she can discover her past where she was an Air Force fighter pilot who gained superpowers in an accident.  Not only does she find out about her past, but also that much of what she thinks she knows about the Kree-Skrull war is a lie.


Although this doesn’t break into my top ten Marvel movies, there was still a lot to like.  Brie Larson delivered a strong performance, bringing personality to the Carol Danvers character.  Samuel L Jackson did his typical strong acting job.  The plot had some nice twists to it.  There were loads of good action and fighting sequences.  There were parts of it that were a little too rah-rah and sentimental for me, but overall I give it the proverbial thumbs up.