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Movie Review: Hercules


Hercules is an epic fantasy tale loaded with action and fight scenes.  In the middle of all of the fighting there is a story.  Hercules, played by Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, having completed eleven of his twelve labors required of him by the goddess Hera to prove his worth and join the gods in Olympus, is now a mercenary after his family was slaughtered.  He has been hired by Lord Cotys, the ruler of Thrace, to defeat a warlord who is believed to be a sorcerer and have centaurs.  Hercules and his group of followers have to whip Thrace’s army, composed of farmers, into shape and defeat the enemy.  The victory comes fairly easily, but not all is as it appears in Thrace and Hercules begins to wonder who the true enemy is.

Dwayne Johnson is well cast in the lead role of Hercules.  He will never be mistaken for Robert DeNiro, but he is well suited as an action hero.  Already a large fellow, he bulked up considerably to take on the role.  The movie was entertaining and there was certainly a great deal of action.  The plot was also well thought out with some twists along the way.  What the movie lacks is Greek mythology.  There is a brief scene ( I mean like three seconds) with a hydra and the movie hints of other mythological creatures.  Spoiler alert: The movie promises centaurs and teases all throughout about a confrontation with Cerberus, but never delivers.  When I watch a movie set in an Ancient Greek mythological setting, I expect to see some mythological characters, and the movie fails woefully in that regard.  As I said, the movie is entertaining and if you want mindless summer entertainment, then this is the movie for you.