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Movie Review: Hunger Games Catching Fire

hunger games catching fire

When I watched the first Hunger Games movie, I was disappointed with it.  The movie was illogical and it had massive plot holes.  I went back and read the novel by Suzanne Collins, and that gave me renewed optimism.  The novel was well-written and the story line made far more sense.  Watching the trailer to the movie made it a shoe-in.  I had to watch Catching Fire and was glad that I did.  The acting was sharp, the plot was tight, the action and special effects was top notch.  It was in every way superior to the first movie.

In Catching Fire, Katniss Everdeen, expertly played by Jennifer Lawrence, and Peeta, are back home after having survived the Hunger Games.  President Snow is hardly pleased with their act of defiance in the Hunger Games or the fact that Katniss is now seen as a symbol of hope against the Capital’s tyrannical reign.  He puts it under no uncertain terms that if she doesn’t toe the line, he will kill all of the people she cares about.  To this end, with the new Games Master they come up with a scheme to have winners of previous games being the only ones eligible for this year’s pool of tributes.  Naturally that lands Katniss and Peeta back in the game.  I thought they could have spent a bit more time in the Game itself.  That felt rushed at times, and they went from one action scene to another without much transition.  The ending was explosive.  Be warned that this is really just half of a two part movie, and not a stand-alone story unto itself.  Still, if you watched the weak effort put forth in the first movie, you will definitely want to watch this one.