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The Donors by Jeffrey Wilson

the donors

The Donors is a macabre tale that spins between the world of the known and a shadowy world where these creatures known as the Lizard Men prey on unsuspecting victims of a hospital.  Their aim is to inflict as much pain and suffering on their victims as they can, meanwhile harvesting skin and organs from the donors.  Nathan, a young boy who finds himself in the hospital after being horribly burned by his mother’s boyfriend, has a special gift that makes him a threat to the Lizard Men.  Together with Jason Gelman, the ER doc who first saw him when he was admitted to the hospital, they must stop the Lizard Men from claiming more victims, including their loved ones.

This is a novel that puts front and center of it the eerie and the creepy.  There are many chilling moments throughout the novel.  The Lizard Men are unique horror villains who have sinister motives, even when at first it appears they are delivering their malice to people who deserve it.  There are times along the way where some aspects of the story are a little difficult to understand, but the ending to the story is well set up.  The tension continues to build throughout the narrative and the climax has a fiery conclusion.  If you enjoy good horror, then this is a novel you will want to read.