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The Flicker Men by Ted Kosmatka

There wasn’t a whole lot that I liked about The Flicker Men.  It’s the story of a washed up, burned out scientist named Eric Argus, who finds himself at a Research Center where he is performing a double slit experiment, trying to learn about the nature of light and matter.  His experiments get him embroiled in controversy and part of a larger conflict with the many folds of the multi-verse in a poorly explained, convoluted story line.


As I mentioned earlier, there is a lot going wrong with this novel.  First, the writing is subpar.  It’s chocked full of these short little sentences that usually aren’t more than a few words.  This can be used for emphasis, but the author leaned on it like a crutch to the point where I kept on noticing it, taking me away from the story.  Second, the author does a poor job of explaining things.  I didn’t get the significance of the double slit experiment and I certainly didn’t get why it was so important that it got the Flicker Men—the guardians and masters of the universe and sowers of chaos and stoppers of progress—would be so interested in it.


The characterization of this novel was poor.  Eric Argus wasn’t especially likeable.  The bad guy characters didn’t make much sense.  The group that was countering the Flicker Men made even less sense, and it was never clearly defined what their purpose was.  I didn’t get the ending of the novel and the importance of the sphere.  I would suggest skipping this novel.