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The Story Behind My Story: Survivors

Crossroads in the Dark

The basis of my story Survivors is an urban legend.  The urban legend is kids at a supermarket, helping unsuspecting people, usually older or elderly, by packing their goods into the car.  While they are helping the older folks pack the items into their car, one of them slips into the car and is unknowingly taken home by them.  When they unpack their items, the person who snuck in the car then surprises them and robs them at knife or gunpoint.  It’s an interesting urban legend that I thought I could work with and put a story together revolving around this concept.  Except I wanted to put a twist into this urban legend.  What if the real monsters in this story aren’t the kids who are trying to rob the old people, but the old folks themselves?


To make this story work I tried to make the kids as sympathetic as possible.  In my story, they’re homeless kids who have formed their own sort of family.  They help each other, look after each other.  Even though what they intend on doing is pretty bad, I think it’s not hard to empathize with them.  The old folks, on the other hand, are the worst kind of monsters.  Not the scary, supernatural type but human monsters with absolutely despicable intent.   You can buy a copy of the anthology on Amazon.