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The Walking Dead: Always Accountable

The walking dead Daryl

When we last saw Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha, they were leading the zombie horde in a Pied Piper march away from Alexandria.  We saw how that turned out—not so well for our band of heroes, but in the meantime this trio of characters have been ignored.  In “Always Accountable” we got to see what happened to them and why they still hadn’t returned to Alexandria.


A Rude Welcome


Why can’t people be civil in the zombie apocalypse?  Can’t we all just get along?  Apparently not.  A group of people unceremoniously opened fire on the trio.  Abraham and Sasha returned fire, blasting about a hundred holes into their pursuers. Meanwhile, Daryl gets chased into the woods by a van.


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


 While Daryl is hunting the people who went after them in the woods, he let his guard down when he sees two girls begging for leniency.  The guy within the group knocks him out cold and ties him up.  Daryl being Daryl manages to escape from these three and take their duffel bag, which has his crossbow.  When he sees insulin in the bag, he goes back to his would-be-kidnappers to give them back their duffle and then helps them escape when the group they came from comes looking for them.  My favorite part of the episode was when Daryl makes a noise that distracts one of their pursuers long enough for him to get bit in the arm by a zombie.  This leads to a gruesome scene where Wayne, the leader of this group, chops off the man’s arm with no hesitation and tells him to walk it off.  I like the assertiveness and complete lack of compassion from this guy.  Definitely some Governor-esque tendencies to him.


The most ridiculous part of this episode is after saving this group, now a couple after the idiot girl who needed the insulin gets killed by the zombies of two kids she used to babysit.  When are people going to learn that zombies are dangerous and it’s not a good idea to cozy up next to them unless you know for sure that they are dead?  Anyway, Daryl tries to recruit them, only to get the tables turned when the guy holds him at gunpoint and steals his motorcycle and crossbow.  Daryl without his crossbow?  Say it ain’t so.  That’s surely a sign of the apocalypse.  Anyway, that they would not only turn down Daryl’s offer but double cross him after he saved their lives shows that they are a bunch of morons and don’t deserve to be recruited to Alexandria.


The Abraham and Sasha Soozefest


The entire part of the episode with Abraham and Sasha went absolutely nowhere and added nothing to the overall story.  To sum things up, they hole up in a building while waiting for Daryl’s return.  Abraham has this strange obsession with killing zombies that can’t harm them.  In the process he encounters the zombie of a soldier who has a rocket launcher strapped to him.  He gets into this bizarre shouting match with the zombie when he could have easily killed him and taken the weapons.  He then later propositions Sasha, which is kind of ridiculous since she just lost her boyfriend last season.  Give the lady some time to mourn and recover.


This episode, especially the Abraham-Sasha portion can be politely described as filler.  Nothing of significance happened, but at least Daryl got some air time, which was strongly lacking this season.