This is Carl's Brain
The Walking Dead: Heads Up

Walking Dead Glenn

After a really strong start to the season, Heads Up, was another disappointment.  Even though there was a lot going on in this episode, it’s really all about Glenn and his inexplicable survival.


Glenn Lives


This whole story line can be summed up in one word—LAME.  You have got to be kidding me, The Walking Dead.  I expect more out of you.  The fact that Glenn managed to survive when he was stuck underneath somebody and there was a swarm of zombies ripping apart that dude on top of him and not touching him is not only unrealistic, but it’s impossible.  I don’t buy it.  I think it cheapens the show by faking a character death.  What this does is the next time a major character gets killed, it will lessen the impact of that death.  No matter what else happened in this episode, this ruined it for me.


The Return of Enid


To compound my annoyance of Glenn’s survival, Enid is back.  When Glenn was coaxing her to return to Alexandria, and she pulled a gun on him, that would have been the time when I raised my hands and said, “All right.  You’re on your own.”  This type of stupidity is what nearly got Glenn killed the first time around.


Spencer Dangles from a Wire


Why is every native Alexandrian brain-dead?  His attempt to use a grappling hook and cross it over a horde of zombies was completely idiotic.  When Rick asks, have you ever tried this before, his response was like “Uh, no.  Didn’t quite think that through.”  Even with Rick’s group, there’s no way this group would be able to survive.  There simply too dumb.


Ron—That Little Bastard


Ron is bad news.  I’m not sure why Rick can’t see through it.  He and Carl teaching him how to use the gun is not a good idea.  What do they think he’s going to use it for?  Ron, just like his dad, needs to be put down.


Morgan, Morgan, Morgan


Oh Morgan, what are we going to do with you?  The way he deals with the Wolves is like how certain ineffective leaders deal with terrorists.  Let’s give them a hug, hold their hands, and sing songs with them.  Maybe then they won’t want to kill us.  If the tower hadn’t fallen when it did, I’m pretty sure Carol would have ended that and killed the captive Wolf.


Predictions for the Mid-Season Finale


  • With the tower falling, all hell’s going to break loose in the next episode, which is what usually happens in the finale episodes.  There will be many people dying, and this will probably mean the end of Alexandria, but I’m pretty sure most of the folks dying will be the native Alexandrians
  • Ron is going to take the opportunity to try to kill Carl, but won’t succeed.  This doesn’t even make sense since Enid at this point hasn’t even been in Alexandria lately.  Not to mention, Rick would kill him for sure if he did that.
  • Morgan’s going to snap out of it and kill him some zombies.  At least he doesn’t have a problem with killing zombies.
  • Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham will make it back to save the day.
  • Most likely this will scatter Rick’s group to various corners as they try to survive and they will be separated once again.