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The Walking Dead: Here’s Not Here


All I can say is what an utter letdown and disappointment the episode “Here’s Not Here” was.  There are a number of reasons for considering this episode to be a disappointment.  Let me list the ways, but first a basic premise of the episode.  This was Morgan’s backstory from the time we last saw him with Rick visiting batshit crazy Morgan in that house, to the time when he helps out Darryl and company against the Wolves.


Why Morgan?


For starters, I don’t even like Morgan, so to devote an entire episode on him is a waste.  He’s not that compelling of a character.  His response to Wolves invasion made him dead to me.  He was not only useless, but his actions put the others in danger.  If you check out my blog of that episode, I named him the least valuable person in the defense of Alexandria.  In this episode, they showed how he went from batshit crazy Morgan to wannabe Jedi Morgan through the intervention of a man named Eastman, who brought him from the brink of insanity.  Oh, by the way, Morgan cost the man his life with his inability to kill the zombie of a man who crazy Morgan killed in life.


Akido Doesn’t Work in the Zombie Apocalypse


The principal of Akido as explained in this episode is that all life is precious, and therefore, you shouldn’t kill anyone regardless of the circumstances.   That may work in the real world (although I personally don’t agree), but it sure as hell doesn’t work in a zombie apocalypse.  In a world where survival is your biggest day-to-day concern, and where there are people who want to kill you and those you love to take what you have, this brand of pacifism doesn’t work.  I realize Morgan went through some rough spots in his life, but this isn’t the solution.  And, oh by the way, Eastman, the proponent of his system, didn’t even follow it when he killed the serial killer who murdered his wife and children.


What About Rick?


The last episode ended on a cliff hanger with Rick being stuck in a broken-down RV that was surrounded by a zombie horde.  They didn’t even show what happens to Rick.  The idea of a cliffhanger is that you have to wait in anticipation to the next episode to see it resolved.  For there to not only be no resolution, but no mention of Rick and his fate is just weak.


After the last few, butt-kicking episode, this one was an epic fail.