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The Walking Dead: Now

The walking dead Rick

Now was an opportunity for the show to take a step back and take inventory before the next explosion of violence, and unlike last week’s episode, it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Rick Returns to Alexandria

Although most people were more interested in finding out whether or not Glenn was alive or dead, I was more interested in seeing what Rick’s fate was.  My opinion on Glenn is that if they bring him back, I’ll be very disappointed.  It’s not that I dislike Glenn, who I find to be a compelling character.  It’s just that doing so will be cheating the audience.

As it turns out, Rick made a mad dash from the broken down RV that was surrounded by zombies, dodging and hacking his way through them in order to get back home.  This provided the opening of the episode with a dramatic moment.  Once Rick was back, he restored order and gave the troops a motivational speech.  I think just his presence alone makes a difference to the people of the community, although some of them seemed on the verge of giving up hope.

The Journey Through the Sewers

Although some of have given up Glenn for dead, which none of the people have any way of knowing if this is the case or not since they did not see what happened to Glenn, unlike the viewers of the show, Maggie will not.  She is convinced that she can find Glenn, which is completely illogical since she would have no idea where to look, let alone that she would have to fight her way through a zombie horde.  The whole story line is a bit non-sensical, especially since she’s pregnant.  Aaron played the role of the good guy and showed her the way through the sewer system that bypassed going over the wall.  It also didn’t make sense that she would plan this illogical journey only to give up at the point where they reached the end of the sewers and make noise to attract the zombie, which in effect aborted the mission.  The only upside to this is that we got to see some pretty nasty sewer zombies.

Deanna Continues to be Useless

Deanna had a lot of screen time in this episode but did very little other than some crash community planning, which seems silly in light of recent events.  She was mostly wandering around like a travelling gypsy.  At least she recognizes her own uselessness and tells Rick that he should take the leadership helm in the community.

In the end, this was a bit of a slow episode.  I think it would have worked better if we didn’t have the Morgan backstory episode last week, which really took me out of the story.  Next week will prove to be more action packed as we see the fates of Darryl, Abraham, and Sasha.