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The Walking Dead: Swear


This week featured yet another disappointing episode of The Walking Dead.  It’s no accident that the show has seen its lowest ratings since season 3.  This season has flat out sucked so far.  I fail to see why they would spend an entire episode on a character so minor that I completely forgot she was still on the show.  This was the ultimate throw away episode, designed to fill space.  With only two episodes remaining for 2016, I can only hope that it will get better and this once great show will be restored to its former glory.




Who exactly are you?  Oh, Tara.  I sort of remember her as being Dr. Denise’s girlfriend.  Tara and Heath stumble onto a hoard of zombies while scavenging.  While trying to escape, Tara goes over the bridge and into the water to be washed ashore in a community full of women.


There were so many aspects that I didn’t like about this episode.  First of all, this entire community doesn’t make sense.  They shoot any visitors on sight?  Seriously?  That’s hardly a sustainable way to live as a community.  I also don’t buy their entire existence.  Apparently, the Saviors killed every one of their men folk.  And here I was thinking they just didn’t like guys.  But I digress.  There’s nothing in the Savior’s history that makes this remotely believable or consistent with the way they operate.  In all of the other communities, they don’t kill off the men, so why would they do so here?  The only thing that made sense about this community is that they fled in the middle of the night.  I don’t understand why every single one of the communities don’t flee.  It’s hard enough to live in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies, but to live under the insanely oppressive thumb of Negan where he will kill you at any point you don’t meet your quota is just flat out stupid.  Why wouldn’t all of these groups flee as far as possible?  The only logical conclusion is that they are a complete bunch of buffoons.


In the end Tara escapes only to promise that she won’t reveal to anyone their location or their very existence.  Poor Heath.  We don’t even know if he survived.  This was a forgettable episode that I would like to forget ever happened.  At least they had a fun scene where they had to bust through a horde of zombies on the bridge.