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The Walking Dead: The Well


The Well was an absolutely necessary episode after the season 7 opener of The Walking Dead.   That was about as deflating and depressing an episode as I’ve ever watched.  In this episode, we take a break from the Negan chaos (although the Saviors were in this episode as well) and get introduced to The Kingdom and King Ezekiel.




If you’ve read my blog postings in the past, you know that I’m no fan of Morgan, who has the distinction of being my least favorite character in the show.  In this episode, Morgan has brought Carol to The Kingdom.  He seems to have settled into the place when King Ezekiel asks him to train Ben to fight.  Ben seems to be a bit too soft for the post-apocalyptic world, and I don’t see him lasting very long.  I do like that Morgan seems to have a change in philosophy.  His pacifism has angered me to no end in the past, but he appears to have in part to have dropped his belief that nobody should be killed.


King Ezekiel


King Ezekiel comes off as a bit of a clown in the beginning of the episode.  I agreed with Carol’s assessment that this was all silly, make believe that didn’t belong in the post-apocalyptic zombie world, but when he sat down with Carol and had that conversation with her, it made some sense.  He took advantage of circumstance and opportunity (that he happened to have a tiger since he was a zoo keeper and he has some acting experience) to create this character that others wanted to follow.  Part of it might by self-gratifying in that he wanted to become important, but part of it was to fill the void in the lives of these survivors.  The community is in much better shape than Alexandria, although I don’t understand how he can be a king if he’s subservient to Negan.




As Carol recovered, she once more adopted her happy homemaker persona that she has used successfully to fool people in the past, but Ezekiel saw right through it.  I still don’t understand the direction of her character.  Just where exactly did she think she could go to escape the ugliness and evil of this world?  That place doesn’t exist.  The whole moving to a house outside of The Kingdom seemed non-sensical.  I see Carol and King Ezekiel developing a romance, something that was well-telegraphed in this episode

Unlike the last episode, this isn’t one that will be memorable, but I think it was a good and necessary episode after that carnage.  Ultimately, I think what will happen is that Alexandria will have to join into an alliance with the Hilltoppers and The Kingdom to overthrow Negan, but I don’t think it will happen quickly.  I see this storyline going on for multiple seasons.