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World Horror Convention Day 3 Recap

After a late night walking Bourbon Street and attending the various after parties and a hearty workout at the gym in the morning, day 2 began for me at the pre-pitch panels moderated by RJ Cavender.  RJ even looked and sounded sober despite the early hour of the morning.  I had the opportunity to talk to editors from Dark Regions Press, Random House, and Nightscape, as well as an agent from Writer’s House about some of my novels.  Special thanks to Mercedes Yardley for doing a fantastic job coordinating the pitch session.

After a quick bite to eat (more Jambalaya), I was on my first ever panel about Reclaiming the Vampire.  It was a thrill to be on the panel.  Nancy Kilpatrick did a terrific job moderating and Bev Vincent provided great insight with his knowledge of vampire literature.  We had a great turn-out and the crowd was lively and interactive.  For some reason, all four of the panelists, myself included, seemed to have a strong disdain for the sparkly Twilight style vampires.

Later, I attended Journalstone’s pre-banquet get together.  Chris Payne did a great job of organizing the event.  At the Stokers banquet, Jeff Strand once more rocked as the emcee.  I was thrilled that Mort Castle got not one but two Stokers.  After talking to Mort later, I was amazed to find out that these were the first Stokers he had ever won.  I figured he had a dozen by now.

It was a late night afterward starting with the Samhain Publishing after-party.  I followed that up with a trip on Bourbon Street with Ed Kurtz, Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Eric Guignard and others.  Our first stop was the Dungeon.  We lasted about thirty seconds.  I like my music loud, but I thought my eardrums would burst.  We then went to the bar next door, which was more low key.  A great time was had by all, and I look forward to attending the next WHC in Portland.