Demons for me is a tale of two books.  Apparently, it started off as a novella, and later became a novel, when a second, longer part was added to it.  The first part of demons was great.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  It had an interesting concept, a kind of light, understated tone to it, a well-developed plot, and a decent conclusion.  The characters were just so-so, but there was a lot to like about it.  I wished that was all I had read because the following, longer part did not come close to delivering.

All of the charm and wit the novella had, the extended novel was lacking.  The story was incoherent and nonsensical.  The author wanted the reader to believe that through some sort of control of the media, that people did not believe that the demon invasion happened, despite the fact that thousands upon thousands of people died, it had dominated every facet of the world when it happened, every single human being alive witnessed it, the president of the United States was killed by a demon, and the vice president was running the country through a bunker.  Am I missing something?  In the novella, demons were bad and they overran the planet.  Now, the author decided to use the ridiculously overused trope that it was the evil industrial corporations that were responsible for summoning these demons.  Writers have a habit of using the evil, industrial corporation as the villain like a crutch.  It’s old and tired.  And for some reason it would be desirable for these folks to have demons destroy the planet and have it become some sort of dystopian world.  Yeah, that’s exactly what a corporate industrialist would want.  None of it made sense, including the part where they take away a child so they could replace him with a member of the circle.  It was a big mess.  I would recommend reading the first part and stopping there.