God Save the Queen is a bit of a mishmash of different genres.  It’s part alternate history where during the reign of Queen Victoria, she and other aristocrats are plagued with some taking the form of vampires, others werewolves, and others goblins.  It’s part fantasy with some shades of romance, although that’s a small part of the novel, with a bit of a steampunk feel to it.  Queen Victoria is still alive, and there are divisions between the aristocrats and the humans with half-bloods (half human and half other) somewhere in between.

The protagonist, Xandra Vardan, is part of the Royal Guard, an elite fighting squad of half-bloods whose job it is to defend the aristocrats from humans who might wish them harm.  The plot thickens when Xandra’s sister goes missing and is declared to be dead, although she’s not dead, causing Xandra to investigate.  In the process, she discovers a conspiracy that she’s at the center of.

By and large, I liked this novel.  I like the writing style.  Although I generally liked the characterization, if you’ve read any modern urban fantasy, there is a lot of cliché to Xandra and Vex, her alpha werewolf love interest.  The biggest shortcoming of this novel is that these two characters, the badass female protagonist, and her bad boy non-human lover, have been done to death and there is no new ground here.  The plot was sound, and I enjoyed the steampunk-ish feel to it where there is some technology in this world but not to our levels of technology.  Overall, I would give this novel a thumbs up and will be reading the second novel in the series.