The entire selling point of this movie was the showdown between King Kong and Godzilla.  It certainly worked on me since I have enjoyed watching these titans not just in their recent movies but in movies throughout the years.  As an extra bonus, Mechgodzilla was thrown into the fray.  The fighting delivered and was clearly the highlight of the movie.  It was delivered in a compelling way—almost like a three round fight and was fun to watch.  Unfortunately, that was about the only redeemable aspect of the movie.


It seemed as if the writers and director had this great concept for a movie—namely a clash between Kong and Godzilla, but they couldn’t figure out a way to deliver this.  Everything else about the movie was so utterly flawed.  For one thing, the human characters were really terrible, specifically the trio that was on Godzilla’s side—Madison, Josh, and Bernie.  These three characters were so poorly written it was laughable.  Dr. Nathan Lind, played by Alexander Skarsgard, comes off as a dope.  He’s a geologist with no apparent flight or military experience, but was chosen to captain this incredibly advanced vessel to go into the middle of the earth—which seemed to be a complete ripoff of Journey to the Center of the Earth.


The science in this movie was ridiculous.  The most absurd part was that the above mentioned trio get stuck in this vehicle that was able to get from Florida to Hong Kong in about two seconds in some sort of underground tunnel that wasn’t even explained.  I can suspend my disbelief enough that a company could build a robotic version of Godzilla, but this was too much.  Then there was the absurdity of the gravity inversion theory they tried to push and other eye rolling science.  The plot was also utterly illogical and filled with holes.  The entire premise of the hollow earth and why Kong needed to get there to avoid Godzilla was laughable.


If you want some good fight scenes with heavy hitting monsters, this movie will deliver for you.  If you want more than that, you will be disappointed.