The first Jumanji movie told the story in its entirety, and there was no real reason to make this movie other than the first movie was surprisingly successful and the studio behind it wanted to capitalize on that success.  Given that caveat, this was basically a fun, popcorn movie that didn’t require much deep thought.  It was much like the first movie, except this go around the returning characters started off knowing about their avatars and the game they were in with the exception of two new characters, played by Danny Devito and Danny Glover.  An odd choice bringing in two older, veteran actors, but it worked.  They gave the movie a new element by mixing up the avatars from the first movie.  I especially enjoyed the Rock trying to portray the Danny Devito character and Kevin Hart trying to portray his older character as well.  The actors seemed to have fun with it and overall put in strong performances.

Otherwise, the plot of the sequel was similar to the original.  They once again had to travel through dangerous lands with an ultimate objective and trying to avoid getting killed three times in the process, a difficult task given that the two older characters seemed clueless about the game.  There were fun and silly moments in this movie, certainly nothing deep or thought-provoking, but if you liked the first movie, you will like this one as well.