Wonder Woman 84 wasn’t a terrible movie, but it certainly wasn’t a good movie.  To me the question I can’t figure out is who greenlit this movie.  After coming off a tremendously successful movie and one of the best in the DC franchise, they settled on a plot of a guy who has a wish to turn himself into this wishstone, to grant wishes to as many people as he can without any particular rhyme or reason for doing so, and without a coherent explanation of what was in it for him?  And he destroys the world in the process.  Who are these people who thought this was a good idea?  They took all of the fan excitement and anticipation of the first movie and wasted it on this?  It’s little wonder that DC plays a distant second fiddle to the Marvel franchise.


There were elements that I liked about the movie.  For instance, they had talented actors cast in the lead roles, but there were gigantic plot holes and believability issues in the movie, such as Wonder Woman on the fly thinking she could make things invisible because when she was a child, she was taught to make a cup invisible, and then, poof, she makes a fighter jet invisible.  Oh, and they just manage to walk up to this jet and fly off on it, so apparently fighter jets are completely unguarded and unprotected in the world of this movie, and a World War 1 pilot has absolutely no issue figuring out how to fly a modern military jet.  I’m sure they are exactly the same thing.  I could give you a dozen examples of this type of ridiculousness in the movie.  And where was the eighties music and references?  The movie is Wonder Woman 84 but other than a group of people breakdancing, you would have no idea it was set in the eighties.  I wouldn’t say to avoid watching this movie, but keep your expectations low.