Dirty Deeds by Armand Rosamilia

I loved the opening line in this novel.  It set the tone for the rest of it, and was absolutely perfect.  It was truly one of the best opening lines of any novel I’ve ever read.  All right, enough about the first sentence.  The rest of the novel was an intriguing, enjoyable read.  James Gaffney represents himself as a truly despicable person to his clients.  For an exorbitant fee, he will kill your child.  In reality, he abducts them and places them with another family.  Almost from the beginning of the novel, things unravel for James.  He had an FBI agent on his tail, someone hacking his information, a Mafia boss pissed at him because his dead son is no longer dead.  Through it all, James has to navigate these hurdles, keep himself alive, and try to do the right thing along the way based on his own moral code.


I really enjoyed the casual writing style employed in this novel.  It had an easy going feel to it, and the protagonist narrated in a self-deprecating style.  He’s not really a tough guy that one would expect for this type of role.  He’s not a good fighter, and doesn’t even carry a gun, although it would probably be a good idea to do so given all of the people trying to kill him.  The novel has many twists and turns.  The characterization is strong.  I guess the one thing that bothered me is that there were people willing to pay lots of money to have their children killed.  As a parent, it seems inconceivable.  I get that parents kill children, but it seems hard to imagine hiring a hitman to kill them.  At any rate, this was a top notch thriller that I would recommend reading. Get your copy on Amazon.