Game of Thrones “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”

This episode was the calm before the storm.  Whereas, episode one of the final season was just okay with all of the character reunions, I found A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, to be a far more satisfying episode.  It had a lot of what I really enjoy about Game of Thrones—great dialogue between well written and developed characters that I like to watch on the screen.  And there was a lot of that.  In the end, I think it created some memorable moments in what will be the final act for many of the characters before they get killed off in the next episode.  There were so many great interactions in this episode: Leanne and Jorah Morment; The Hound and Arya; the Lannister brothers reunited; Davos and the girl who reminded him of Stannis’s daughter, etc.


Arya Stark


I have to say, the steamy scene between Arya and Gendry was a little disconcerting.  It was perfectly logical.  Hey, we both might be dead tomorrow, so let’s go out with a bang.  On the other hand, I realize Arya is an adult, but it’s still a bit weird since I’ve been watching her since she was a child on the show.  I do like the Darth Maul style weapon that Gendry designed for her.


Jamie Lannister and Breanne of Tarth


It was fitting that the first character Jamie saw upon his arrival at Winterfell was Bran since he tossed him off a tower in the show’s first episode.  Bran, now the Three-Eyed Raven, didn’t seem to care since he is no longer Bran.  I thought it was cool that Breanne vouched for him, given the history those two characters share.  I also enjoyed the whole sitting around the fire sharing stories.  My two favorite parts of this episode was Tormund’s ridiculous story about killing the giant, and Jaimie knighting Breanne.  If the three of them survive the battle to come, this love triangle should be priceless.


Sansa Stark


I really enjoyed the scene between Sansa and Daenerys (less so the scene between her and Theon Greyjoy since they are quite possibly my least two favorite characters on the show).  What I liked about the interaction between her and Daenerys is that it further revealed what I’ve been writing about for a while—Daenerys is on the verge of turning evil.  Yes, she wants to defeat the Whitewalkers, but she is absolutely power hungry as evidenced by the end of the scene where she and Sansa were bonding when she pulls her hand away in anger when Sansa lets her know that the North is not going to be cool with her as the Queen when this is all over.


Daenerys Targaryan and Jon Snow


This was the most telling point in the whole episode.  Jon reveals to his aunt/lover that they are related.  Did she care at all about that?  Not a bit.  Marrying relatives in the Targaryan family is par for the course.  Her first reaction had nothing to do about that.  Instead, she immediately went to the fact that this must not be true and Jon is only making a power grab.  You would hope by this point that she would realize that Jon has no interest in the Iron Throne and only wants to save the Seven Kingdoms from the White Walkers.  Daenerys is turning evil before our eyes, but with only five episodes left and the battle with the White Walkers still needing to be resolved, does the show have the time to realize this?


Next week’s episode promises some serious carnage and major character deaths.