Game of Thrones “Winterfell”

The season premiere was all about table setting for the remainder of the season and show.  It was one reunion after another: Jon Snow and Bran (Three Eyed Raven); Jon Snow and Arya Stark; Jon Snow and Samwell Tarley; Samwell and Ser Jorah Mormant; Arya Stark and The Hound, Arya Stark and Gendry, etc.  Having reunions are cool, but when you have this many in a single episode, it really loses its effect.  What’s that saying about too much of a good thing?  Well, there were too many reunions.  The result was that it was reasonably satisfying but it was hardly memorable.  The only consequential thing that happened was Jon Snow finding out about his lineage, something that I realized about four seasons ago.


Arya Stark


Besides her many reunions, the only thing notable with Arya was this weapon that she asked Gendry to forge for her, after some harmless flirtation (hey, we both think each other looks good and now we’re older than the last time we met).  It appears to be some sort of spear made of dragon glass.  My guess is that she thinks this weapon will be effective against the ice dragon.


Daenerys Targaryan and Jon Snow


Daenerys and Jon are fully intertwined in their relationship.  He bent the knee.  They are now a full-fledged power couple.  So, what does Jon do now that he realizes she’s his aunt?  No big deal for the Targaryans since their family has been cool with incest for centuries, but I can’t imagine Jon will be okay with it.  Daenerys has been increasingly getting more evil or at least showing the potential of it, but with only six episodes left and a war against the White Walkers on the horizon, I don’t see how she can fully realize her new evilness.


Cersei Lanister


Cersei has been full blown evil for a while, but her stance on being happy that the Whitewalkers took down the Wall doesn’t make a damn bit of sense.  If this force is powerful enough to destroy The Wall, and they defeat Daenerys and Jon, then what chances will she have of defeating them even with the Golden Company, the largest band of mercenaries in the world, on her side?  At least Euron got his queen.  They seem like a perfect match to me.  Oh, and there’s no way Bronn is going to kill Tyrion and Jaime Lannister.  They’re his only two friends.  In fact, Bronn will join the fight against the Whitewalkers.


Samwell Tarley


I strongly suspect that Sam was not going to tell Jon about his lineage until he met Daenerys, and she told him that she burnt his father and brother to a crisp.  I can see how his brother dying would be hard for Sam to take, but his father treated him like garbage and gave him an ultimatum to join the Night’s Watch or he would go on a hunting expedition where an “accident” would occur and he would get killed.


I think the episodes get more consequential from here and I think the next episode brings the first battle between the living and the dead.