Movie Review: Glass

My expectations of Glass were sky high since I was a big fan of Unbreakable and Split, the first two movies on this trilogy.  For me, this was a tale of two movies.  The first two thirds of the movie was compelling and filled with tension, accompanied by strong character development.  I enjoyed the build up and was riveted.  Then the movie unravels in the last third of the movie.


The highlight of the movie was James McAvoy.  His not winning or even getting nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Split was the crime of the century.  Perhaps if he was more outspoken in the correct politics favored by Academy voters like inferior actors such as Christian Bale and Leonardo Dicaprio, he would have a closet full of Oscars by now, but I digress.  Anyway, McAvoy was terrific in this movie, rolling in and out of distinct characters as if he truly had a split personality.  He once more deserves an Oscar but will have to play second fiddle to one of the above named inferior actors.  The three lead actors were all excellent in this movie.


Now for the bad.  The secret society/conspiracy in the movie was really weak.  The movie promised this epic finale clash and didn’t deliver.  Not only did it not deliver, but the clash and ending they provided wasn’t remotely satisfying.  The epilogue, if you will, after this finale also didn’t make much sense.  All of that doesn’t sink the movie.  Overall, I would give it a thumbs up, but this movie could have been so much more, so in that sense, it was disappointing.