Red Equinox by Douglas Wynne

For some reason I seem to enjoy modern novels written in the Cthulhian world of HP Lovecraft far more than the original writings of Lovecraft.  In this novel, Becca Phillips comes from a lineage of people dabbling with the gods and monsters of old.  When Becca’s grandmother dies, she leaves her an ancient relic that she unknowingly can use to stop the Old Gods from returning.  On the other side, there are forces at work to ensure that it happens, including a cult dedicated to the gods of times long ago and the Dark Pharaoh, who dates back to the time of the Egyptians.


This was a well-crafted and well-written story.  It doesn’t have any of the pitfalls of Lovecraft, such as lack of character development and anything that resembles real dialogue. But it does have a lot of the cool mythology.  The character development is strong as well as the world building.  I liked how the author incorporated the urban exploration elements into the story.  There are some cliché elements to the group SPECTRA, a shadowy government organization designed to defend the world against dangerous supernatural forces.  Although the organization was a little cliché, Agent Brooks came off as a genuine and likeable character.  I liked almost all of the book, especially the parts where the ancients start to seep into the world and only certain people can see them.  My one nitpick is about the use of the dog in this novel.  Becca owns him for less than a day but she has to be with the dog at all times, even while all hell’s breaking loose.  I fully expected the dog to do something important to justify this attention, but it never happened.  This novel is a winner and I would recommend reading it.