Two For Eternity preview
By Carl Alves

In anticipation of the November 1st release of Two For Eternity, I am offering the introduction and first chapters of Two For Eternity.   Two For Eternity intro & Ch.1

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Dark Eva - Dark Eva

Two for Eternity was just reviewed by Dark Eva.  Click here to check it out!

Linda Thompson - The Author's Show

This novel is a dream come true for lovers of time travel. Spanning the centuries from before the Pharaohs of Egypt to current day, this fascinating book captures the imagination from the first page and holds it through to the very end. There’s never a dull moment and author, Carl Alves, is a master at weaving in and out of history. What could be a very confusing read in lesser hands, becomes a fascinating journey where the reader never gets lost. I found myself unable to put this book down; always eager for what was coming on the next page. Alves has woven mystery, romance, and some sci-fi into this work with remarkable skill. Anyone who loves a thrilling read won’t want to miss Two for Eternity.