Reconquest: Mother Earth

SEAL Mitch Grace was among the first humans to see the aliens when they landed at the naval base where he was stationed, but like the rest of humanity, he was powerless to stop them. Five years later, Mitch awakens from a coma under the care of an alien physician to find that aliens control the planet. Starting alone, as a one man army, he rallies the surviving humans to build a resistance movement to take the planet back from the alien conquerors. After his capture by the aliens, Mitch is forced into intergalactic slavery to become a gladiator, fighting as the sole representative of the human species. Against all odds, and far from home, he lays the plans for the reconquest of his homeland.

Blood Street

Blood Street is True Blood meets the Sopranos set in the streets of Philadelphia.  When vampires tangle with the Philadelphia mafia, one thing is certain – all hell is going to break loose.

Alexei chose the wrong neighborhood to claim his latest victim, a member of Enzo Salerno’s crime syndicate.  Now Philadelphia mob boss Enzo Salerno is determined to hunt down the man who killed his associate in such gruesome fashion in his South Philly row home and serve his own brand of old fashioned Italian style vengeance.
Perplexed by this unnatural murder, Salerno uncovers clues that lead him to believe that this was not a mob hit, and that a vampire was responsible for this death.  Magnus, the leader of Alexei’s brood, must use all of his resources to save them from both the mafia and the FBI, sparking a bloody war that plays out in the streets of Philadelphia.  Who will survive on Blood Street?

Two For Eternity preview

In anticipation of the November 1st release of Two For Eternity, I am offering the introduction and first chapters of Two For Eternity.   Two For Eternity intro & Ch.1

Two For Eternity

From the beginning of human history, two immortal beings have battled against each other.  Vrag has pulled the strings of malevolent leaders, and has caused endless destruction and chaos.  Raiken, his immortal counterpart, has opposed him at every turn.  Two for Eternity is both a historical and contemporary fantasy thriller that takes many controversial interpretations of history.   From ancient Egypt and Babylon, through the time of Christ in Judea, spanning the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, through World War II, Raiken and Vrag have engaged in an inhuman battle of wills.  Now, the stakes have never been higher as Vrag has set his sights on the destruction of society.  Raiken has always been the defender of humanity against his immortal enemy.  They will battle one last time to settle their score for eternity.

Two For Eternity

The title tells the story.  Maybe you shouldn’t mess with other people’s compulsions.

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Hey, in this tough economy companies need to find cheap labor.  You can’t get much cheaper than zombies.

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A Walk in the Park

This story was inspired by when my wife and I took a walk in the park in late March and we were literally the only people in the park.  The only difference is that nobody died that day.

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