I really enjoyed the first novel in the Immortal Empire Series, but I felt the second novel in the series fell off the mark and didn’t live up to my expectations.  For starters, the setup is almost exactly the same as the first novel.  One of Xandra’s siblings goes missing and she has to go find them.  This time, it’s her brother, Val.  She is still involved in a relationship with her werewolf boyfriend, a relationship that is so typical in this genre of the novel.  The storyline is very similar to the first novel as well with the exception that Xandra now knows she’s a goblin instead of the mystery in the first novel where she was finding it out.  The novel ends very abruptly with no resolution to the storyline except for the missing sibling.

I don’t want to be overly negative since there were elements of the novel that I enjoyed.  The writing, for the most part, was strong.  The characters were generally well done with a couple of exceptions.  The plot moved along and set up for the final novel in the series.  Overall, it wasn’t a bad read.  It just seemed to be a repeat of the first novel, and no new ground was broken here.  It did not deter me from wanting to read the finale and completing the series, which I will be doing soon.