The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Vampire Slaying is set in South Carolina in the early nineties.  The main characters are a group of housewives whose lives are pretty dull and who form a book club specializing in true crime and novels featuring serial killers.  Their mundane world changes when—you guessed it based on the novel’s title—a vampire moves into the neighborhood.  Except, this isn’t a vampire in the traditional sense.  I think monster would be a more apt description.  Regardless, when James Harris moves into their neighborhood, everything changes for Patricia Campbell and her book club as they now have a monster in their midst, one that is fully accepted by their families and the community because of the prosperity he brings.  The tone goes from very light in the early going, to dark and sinister as the book moves along and some truly horrific things happen.


This is the second book I’ve read from Grady Hendrix.  Although the novels were thematically different, as well as markedly different in tone, style, and voice, what they share in common is general awesomeness.  This was a captivating story, well written, and deeply engrossing.  The idea of a novel whose main characters are southern housewives from the nineties is not the sort of thing I would have thought would appeal to me but Grady Hendrix makes it work.  The characters were well written and were easy to get invested it.  Well, at least the female characters were.  The male characters were complete and utter morons, which was my only real negative about this book, because I thought the men in this novel were over the top in their idiocy.  This is a novel that worked on many different levels and I would strongly recommend reading it.  You can buy your copy by clicking this link.