We Sold Our Souls is a fascinating and unique novel.  I truly never have read anything quite like it.  My interest in the novel is heightened by me being a life long heavy metal fan.  I don’t know if I would have liked this nearly as much if the focus of the novel was, say country instead of metal.  That said, I think this novel worked in many different ways, and would still be a great read even if you had no interest in heavy metal.

For starters, the writing is really strong.  The voice is loud and clear.  The grammar, flow, and pace are all tight.  I liked the way the author broke into the action with radio and television interviews or news reports to fill in the details.  The characterization was also strong.  Chris comes out loud and clear, as do some of the side characters.  Even the villains in the story to a certain level are sympathetic and are not just evil for the sake of being evil.  It’s easy to sympathize with a musician who will sell their soul not just for fame and fortune but to be legendary, for their music to live on long after they are gone.  There is a lot that I liked about this novel, and my complaints are only minor.  This is a horror novel well worth reading.