It seems as if the overall quality of these movies in this monster mash series has progressively decreased. The best two movies were Kong: Skull Island and the first Godzilla movie. Each one since seems worse than the previous one. That doesn’t mean they aren’t worth watching, but the elements that are good are limited to the monster fighting scenes and the visuals of Godzilla destroying everything he passes by.

So the bad here is the plot and anything that might try to pass as logic in the plot. Even worse is the science. Any time there is anything that they are trying to pass off as some sort of scientific explanation causes me to roll my eyes at how ridiculous it is. They should just try to pass it off as pure fantasy, which would make it more plausible. Having said all that, the plot is actually less convoluted than Godzilla vs. Kong.

On the other hand, the monster fighting scenes were worse in this movie than the last one. Also, Mothra, who is a cool monster, is in this movie for reasons that I can’t understand since Mothra isn’t involved in the actual fighting. My favorite parts were Godzilla just laying to waste Italy and Spain and Rio de Janeiro and wherever else he passed through. This is an entertaining movie but not really a good one.