I just finished watching The Nun the previous week for the first time before watching The Nun 2 in the theaters.  I have watched all of the movies in The Conjuring universe with this movie.  Generally speaking, these are quality horror movies with The Conjuring being one of my all time favorites.  The Nun 2 falls somewhere in the middle of the pack, better than the first movie in the series but not up to par with the better movies within this universe.


This movie follows the demon Valak, who has now infested Maurice, who was instrumental in saving Sister Irene in the first movie.  Valak, working through Maurice, has been terrorizing churches in Europe searching for the eyes of Saint Lucy, a powerful relic in the Church.  The Vatican has tasked Sister Irene, who is befriended by Sister Debra, who is played by a subpar actress and is a poorly written character, with stopping the current attacks on these churches.  This leads them to a boarding school for girls where Maurice is working at.  There, they once more do battle with the demon Valak.


Overall, I liked this movie more than The Nun.  It’s not a great horror movie, but it is very watchable and enjoyable on an entertainment level.  There is good creepy religious horror imagery and good suspense.  The power of prayer and faith is emphasized in this movie as a way to defeat this demon, which I enjoyed.  But the movie had some plot holes, and wasn’t quite the edge on your seat, gripping horror movie that would take this from good to great.  Although I would not rush to the theater to watch this movie, if you enjoy horror films, this is worth your time.