I wanted to watch this movie because it was M Night Shyamalam’s daughter’s directorial debut. Since I’m a fan of Shyamalam, I wanted to give his daughter a chance. I saw that there were mostly negative reviews and did my best to ignore it. Perhaps it was the low bar that made me like the movie more than the critics, or maybe the critics are just stuffed windbags who don’t know what they are doing. Who knows?

In The Watchers, Mina is an American in Ireland who finds herself stranded in the woods where she encounters a group of strangers who must take shelter in a house from these strange creatures who observe them each night after the sun goes down. There are many rules that they have to follow in order to keep the Watchers happy and not kill this group of strangers. Mina, as the newest arrival, wants to find a way out of this captivity as the strangers begin to lose their sanity.

What I mostly liked about the movie was the building of suspense and mystery throughout the movie. There’s good tension, good build. The reveal of the Watchers comes about three quarters of the way through the movie, and it would probably have been better served for this to be the end of the movie. I don’t think the final part of the movie was as good as most of the movie, but there was an even deeper explanation of exactly who these Watchers are and then the final twist at the end. This twist wasn’t quite at M Night Shyamalam levels, just like this movie wasn’t as good as his best films, but way better than some of his clunkers. My final verdict is that this movie is worth watching but not worth rushing to the movie theaters to see it as I did.