Rule by Rowena Miller

Rule is the final installment in Rowena Miller’s Unraveled Kingdom trilogy.  The trilogy started off strong but lost steam as it went on.  The best novel in the trilogy was the first one.  I think one of the issues I had is that I don’t think there was enough material to fill out three novels and as a result, it seemed as if there were stretches where there wasn’t a whole lot going on.  I also found the believability to suffer in this novel.  For instance, Princess Annette, who never had any military experience at all, is not only the rebel naval commander but she is apparently a commander extraordinaire, which was too much for me to swallow.  There were similar elements here that I just found it too much of a stretch to suspend my disbelief.


I think the other thing that suffers is that the author doesn’t do a good job with battle scenes, which wasn’t as much of a problem in the earlier novels because they weren’t featured, but now in the third novel, they were more in the forefront, and the battle scenes were not well described.  As a result, the ending felt a bit anticlimactic.  A stronger battle scene could have delivered a more satisfying ending.  That’s not to say there weren’t positive elements.  In general, the writing is strong and the narrative style is easy to read.  It just did not finish strong.