The first season of this show was intriguing, entertaining to watch, and generally piqued my interest.  It wasn’t great, but it was solid television.  The second season can politely be described as a train wreck.  That’s not to say there wasn’t anything redeeming about season 2.  It had some good moments within the dreck, but overall, it was pretty terrible.


Spoilers ahead, so be warned.  Among the myriad of issues was that this was a slow moving season.  It seemed as if it took forever to get things moving.  Episode after episode, Misty and her new boyfriend looked for Natalie.  The entire plot with Shauna’s daughter and the police officer was dumb and slow moving.  Taissa and her sleepwalking both past and present was tortuous to watch.  This entire season could have been made in four episodes at most.


For the most part, the plot made absolutely no sense and was riddled with holes, especially the final two episodes, which were a bigger train wreck than the rest of the season.  I’m not sure what was more ridiculous—that the Coach burns down the house trying to kill all of the kids inside, that Shauna nearly beats Lottie to death in front of the rest of the girls and nobody makes a move to stop her even though Lottie is apparently their leader, or most likely the dumbest plotline of all, that Misty’s boyfriend kills a cop, and for some inexplicable reason, his partner goes along with the plan that his partner was dirty and that he was the one who actually shot him.


The characterization is generally quite poor.  Misty is the only really compelling character in the entire show.  It’s hard to care about any of these characters.  I was glad that the season was finally over and don’t intend on watching season 3.