Dragons: Lost is the first installment in the Requiem for Dragons trilogy by Daniel Arenson.  In this story world, weredragons—people who can change into dragons—once ruled the roost and now are hunted down and killed and are virtually extinct.  Newborns are tested to see if they are weredragons, and if they are, they have the ability to change into a dragon removed from them by paladins of the Cured Temple, a very repressive group of people who force the people to live in austerity while they live the good life.  The story starts when Cade transforms into a dragon after seeing his baby sister get her dragon abilities removed from her and then becomes hunted by the paladins of the Cured Temple.  He then tries to find others like him.


For me, this is just an okay novel.  The concept is a good one.  I like the idea of weredragons.  The world building is pretty good.  But the book falters beyond the high level concepts it has in it.  The writing is a bit underwhelming.  The biggest problem with it, especially when it comes to the action scenes, is that the description is to general.  I don’t feel as if I’m in the scene and part of the action when reading these scenes.  There’s a lack of visceral, sensory detail, and it seems as if the author is just skimming through these sections.  Characterization is also lacking.  Every character seems to have some horrible dark thing that has happened to them in their past that they are trying to forget yet haunts them.  The villains in the story, are particularly poorly written.  They lack dimension and are one-note characters.


The novel does provide a good bit of entertainment value, and despite some of these flaws is worth reading, and I will continue on with this trilogy.